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Zaufanie konsumentów

Consumer confidence

The primary idea of Quality Meat Program  system  is building consumer trust to QMP certificate, which guarantees high quality of beef. Trust is necessary to form lasting relationships both between people and in business. It is especially important due to globalisation era in which exact information on the food production process and its origin becomes of key importance for consumers. QMP system provides full traceability of certified beef.

QMP certificate is a guarantee of transparent production process, high quality and well known product source.

Chów w zgodzie z naturą

Breeding in harmony with nature

QMP is first and foremost caring for high standard of animal well-being. The cattle graze at extensive, pollution-free pastures. Certified farmers provide animals with constant professional care. Fodder must come from quality assurance systems accredited to be in compliance with PN-EN 45011 European norm, for example from ecological production.

High quality of beef with QMP  certificate is born on the pasture.

Wysoka jakość

High Quality

Quality Meat Program is an European beef quality assured scheme. System standards developed by Polish breeders and scientists strictly regulate each stage of the production process. QMP system was recognised by the Polish Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development as RR-oz-kz-076-636/08(355) domestic food quality system. 

QMP certificate guarantees all the best from nature – excellent taste, exceptional tenderness and juiciness of beef.

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