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Breeding in harmony with nature

QMP is first and foremost caring for high standard of animal well-being. 

QMP system basic requirements:
Cattle breeds allowed in the system: Limusine (LM), Charolaise (CH), Angus (AN,AR), Hereford (HH), Salers (SL), Simentaler (SM).
Higher animal well-being:  free-range, no string
Feeding: depending on the type and breed, in compliance with QMP system fattening standards
Fodder, high quality fodder must come from members of QMP system or other quality assurance systems accredited to be in compliance with PN-EN 45011 European norm, for example from ecologic production.
Transport of animals to slaughter-houses must take place with observance of animal well-being and can not exceed 8 hours.
Slaughter must be conducted in a humane manner, with minimum stress and in compliance with the requirements provided for in all regulations and codes of conduct. Controlled slaughter age is required: slaughter is possible up to 24 months.