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Consumer trust

The primary idea of Quality Meat Program  system  is building consumer trust to QMP certificate, which guarantees high quality of beef. Trust is necessary to form lasting relationships both between people and in business. It is especially important due to globalisation era in which exact information on the food production process and its origin becomes of key importance for consumers. QMP system provides full traceability of certified beef.

QMP certificate is a guarantee of recurrent high quality of beef and transparent production process. 

Quality Meat Program (QMP) system was constructed in a way ensuring that it is fully transparent for the consumer.

An independent organisation Ekogwarancja [Ecoguarantee] awards QMP certificates to farmers and production plants. It also carries out audits which are to confirm that the course of the production process is in compliance with the QMP system standards. Ekogwarancja also performs certification of BIO ecological food.

QMP system requires from the producers to put detailed information about meat origin on the label. A client may find out from the label the exact slaughter date, sex, age, length of aging and even farm number. There is no problem then to fully identify the origin of the selected beef cut.