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High Quality

Professional farmers

Farmers holding a QMP certificate are professionals oriented on building livestock quality in their production. Since QMP system requires a very young slaughter age (24 months for heifers and bulls) producers must claim expertise when it comes to care over beasts, choice of genetics and feeding with a view to obtaining appropriate growth parameters, thus qualifying their animals to the system. However, they are paid an additional bonus for each kilogram for compliance with QMP system standards. For this reason it pays off to produce high quality beef.

Modern plants

QMP production takes place in modern slaughter-houses and beef cutting plants. Like individual farmers each plant must undergo the certification process.

In plants specialised staff carry out quality control from beef carcass classification to selection of appropriate marbling level, meat colour and Ph levels of particular beef cuts. The beef qualified to the system is subject to seasoning process (minimum 9 days after slaughter).

The plants running production in QMP system must have implemented food safety procedures and systems such as: GHP (Good Hygiene Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), ISO 22000.

Nutritional values of high quality beef

Beef is a concentrated source of nutrients necessary for normal human growth and development. Beef nutritional values are strictly related to its quality.


  • is a very good source of highly assimilable protein of high biological quality,
  • is a source of a number of vitamins including vitamins from B group responsible for proper functioning of man’s nervous system: vitamin B12 and B6,
  • is a rich source of valuable elements such as iron and zinc,
  • is a source of long chain fatty acids n-3 (pufa n-3), riboflavin as well as selenium,
  • has low fat and sodium content,
  • contains many compounds of bioactive nature, including taurine, carnosine, coenzyme Q10 and creatine.