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Merchandising tool - practical tips for attractive meat presentation in store

DEALER- Expert knowledge about the product

DEALER- Expert knowledge about the product

The sales assistant is a person who should be confident and is the main source of information. The consumer expects advice and expects expert knowledge. It is very important for the vendor to be able to recommend products in adjusted to clients needs and expectations. The sales assistant should also know cooking techniques and recommended cuts for particular cooking methods.

Look and approach to the client

The appearance and attitude of the sale assistant is very important.  Appearance should  primarily be  neat and clean. Professionalism enhances consumer confidence and encourages purchases even if product has a higher price.

The approach is crucial in the sales process. The sales assistant  should be willing to help, be friendly and professional. He/She should be willing to talk to the customer about the product. He/She should know all the benefits of the product.

Other comments

Sales staff should always use gloves when handling the product.

Hair/Head should be covered so that there was no danger that  hair  will get onto the product.

Counter and principles of displaying product

Counter and principles of displaying product

Planning a marketing strategy for a meat display

There is no universal rule when planning the meat counter. Sellers have to take into account many factors including, first of all, the attitudes of clients. This includes taking into account the demographic characteristics of potential customers and the level of their income. It should be as carefully planned to meet their needs and expectations. It should be considered if they have culinary skills, and also the amount they wish to spend.  A decisive role is played by the retail outlets’ location. Promotional activities, pricing strategy and cuts presentation should all be planned.

The Display should be arranged so that is interesting and compelling to the customer. Product must look appetizing and enticing. Consideration should be given to available resources and tools. A decision should be made regarding the responsibility for the display and for  the constant attention to aesthetics of the display.

Transparent presentation of products

Customers like the simplicity and clarity. Meat should be arranged so that they do not have to look for a particular type of meat. Beef, pork, lamb, poultry should be clearly separated into sections. Research shows that customers prefer that the meat is arranged from lightest to darkest in the direction of movement of along the display.

All meat should be evenly arranged next to each other. The pieces should be nicely cut (machined) and prepared in useable portions. Chaotically stacked one upon  another with "big chunks of meat" does not look appetizing and discourages purchases. Very important are the trays on which the meat is presented. Black and white trays both look elegant. It is important that their walls were low and did not cover the product.  It is also advisable to separate trays in the counter with a decorative artificial or real leaves of lettuce or kale (changed regularly when wilting occurs). Green, juicy lettuce nicely fits with intense, bright red high-quality beef.

Remember to constant refilling trays. Empty trays put off customers.

Boxes and packages look inelegant and clutter displays.

For raw meat it is crucial to maintain a sufficiently low temperature in the showcase.  The optimally  temperature is  2⁰C. This temperature can keep meat fresh for a long time. Meat can be protected  with plastic wrap. This maintains the red colour and  prevent it from darkening.

Old  beef will always have an unappetizing, dark colour. Consumers are willing to purchase  nice clear high quality meat from young cattle so please remember to order meat with a Quality Assurance, such as certified beef QMP.

Lighting in the display cabinet is also important. Well lit it enhances meat colour and makes  it look better presented.

Easy navigation along the counter

Consumers are more likely to make purchases if the display provides some hints and suggestions. Short descriptions can help create a consumer friendly space. Eg. In the section of for beef, there can be created subsection labelled "ideal to roast," "ideal for a barbecue," "ideal for stewing," and for example  "good value", " for the burgers and the ground beef."

Hot spots and promotions

Hot spots and promotions

The question is where in the store is the best place for a promotional stand. Typically these will be  hot spots or places where the consumer looks immediately after entering the store, they should also be close to the meat counter. At these points the most attractive products and promotions should be placed.

Typically, such an optimal place is the central part of the display cabinet. Importance is also from which side the client goes.  First, the attention is attracted to all the products that are the closest. The distances often remain unnoticed.

It is important that, with the help of attractive POS materials, the interest to the customer is drawn to the promotion. Such materials placed in hot spots have a double positive effect.

Price tags and marketing of meat

Price tags and marketing of meat

Pricing tags primarily inform about the price of the product. However, they can be a very good place to include branding and attract attention. 


Special tags branding products with higher guaranteed quality.

Prices of smaller portions of meat, eg. The price for 100g.

Special tags for seasonal and promotional events.


Please note that the tags should be attached to the trays or be free standing. Definitely do not pierce the meat with a skewer.

Seasonality and special dates

Seasonality and special dates

In order to increase sales sellers should take into account the specific date and the season. Eg. During the Christmas and Easter periods they should draw  attention to roasts and other high value beef cuts. Winter is a good time to promote stews and goulashes and the all in one-pot dishes, these use cheaper components for stewing. In the spring, with the start of the barbecue season emphasis moves towards kebabs, minced meat for burgers, as well as tender beef steaks that will be perfectly suited for accompanying light salads.

The changes in the product range on the counter should go alongside new promotions and communications using seasonal POS materials.

All kinds of holidays are a great opportunity to increase sales of beef. Sellers should be creative and with a little support from occasional POS  they can practically, all year round, create an original, interesting and attractive display  for the consumer.

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Have you got interested in this information? Would you like to find out what to do to obtain promotion support for sale of QMP certified beef in your shop? Just leave your phone number and we will call you back to answer all your questions.